Save The Phoenix!

On our recent trip to Guatemala, we were distressed to learn that the Centro Educativo Mixto Bilingue "Parajo De Fuego" - the Phoenix Coed Bilingual Education Center -  is losing its funding.
The Phoenix Center is a certified school in San Andres Itzapa. This school has 300 kids from the region, in grades 1 thru 6. This school was established to give children of this region and opportunity to learn Spanish (alongside the native dialect of Kaqchikel) and general skills to give them success in their world.
Pheonix school has come full circle as it employs local teachers, graduates from the school and works with 200 kids from around the small town.
The local challenges the kids face include alcoholism, abuse, disease and poverty. By learning to write, speak and count in Spanish the youth are able to attend high school, college and get jobs in town.
This school, where Dr Straatmann taught through her summers in veterinary school is close to the heart of Sueños International, and we are called to do our best and help raise funds to keep hope alive for this community. Sueños International and our community can come together to support the school, the kids and the teachers.  

 The school can maintain operations - nine teachers, 200 children Kindergarden through sixth grade - on $30,000.00 annually, roughly $150 per student.

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