Our Mission

Pet over-population is a problem throughout the world. Many countries and people do not have access to veterinarians nor the money for the surgery needed to prevent reproduction. If you have ever travelled to a third world country, the animal over- population is more noticeable and there are a significant number of underweight animals wandering through the streets.

Our goal is to impact this overpopulation by organizing spay-and-neuter clinics in areas of need. For those of you less familiar with the animal or medical world; spay is a common term for the surgery performed to prevent reproduction in females, ovariohysterectomy, neuter is the term for the castration of males. With each clinic we hope to make a small dent in the overpopulation problem.

We also work to improve the health of the livestock. By vaccianting poultry, we can help protect the chickens and turkeys from diseases, and keep the animals healthy and providing eggs for the families. Vaccinating and deworming cattle and horses, keeps these animals healthy, able to work, and provide milk for the families. 

Guatemala is an enchanting place. The people are truly kind and hardworking. The country is lush yet poverty stricken. They fight to survive political strife and alcoholism. The beautiful hearts that shine through the troubles are those of the children and animals.