2018 - A New Beginning

In 2018, we were able to bring a small team down to Guatemala. We had a different focus, and set different goals. As it ws our first working trip in a few years, we chose to focus on education and enrichment. We were incredibly fortunate to bring that outreach in a vareity of ways. 

Our first day we worked with Firefighters without Border's Canine Rescue team, veterinarians, students, and people involved in animal care and emeregencies. We shared our knowledge and expereinces. Everyone was able to practice intubation, catheter placement, surgical preparation and anesthesia. 

Our second day, we were able to visit the Phoenix School in San Andres Itzapa. We performed surgeries for families in teh community, and the Firefigthers without Borders team was able to join us and continue their practice! The most exciting part was working with the little kids, who cared about their pets, their pet's health and truly wanted the best for all. The young boy in the picture brought his best friends, cousins and two dogs for surgery. They waited anxious and lovingly and sat by the dogs side during recovery. The amount of love between the boy and his dog is immesurable in any country. 

Our third day we did more spays and neuters for local rescue organizations. 

Our fourth day, was filled with learning for us, as we visited some of the outskirt communities impacted by the volvanic eruption in June 2018. We heard stories about animal loss, and the scary time after the volcano. As we drove through the towns, we found a little pup, abandoned in the chaos of a town recovering from a large tragedy. we were able to scoop the little puppy up, nurse her back to health, and she will live a new life with an adopted family! 

The process of this emotional week, brought us back to the school in San Andres Itzapa, where they told us about their funding challenges, their fears for the youth of their town, and we promised to help, the best we could. 

The learning we shared with other veterinarians, with firefighters, with communtiy members, with youth was tremendously impactful on our team. We all returned with a heart full of new, lasting memories.