2015 - New Friends and New Places

In 2015, we had a majestic journey around Guatemala. 
We partnered wtih Dr. Dennys Marroquin to expand our services and reach through the country. 
We offered the traditional spay and neuter of dogs and cats, but opened our surgical support to castration of piglets and bulls. 
We vaccinated chickens, turkeys and ducks to keep them safe and producing for families.
We treated livestock for parasites, hoping to keep them healthy for their work. 
With these expanded services our care for animals truly were able to have impact
on the heart of the family, the care of the animals and the health of the community.

One day we were even invited into a zoo. A zoo whose story is wrapepd around
imrpoved care and housing, improved nutrition and engagement for their animals. 
We participated in two programs and worked in the aviary and with the animals to help
with disease prevention and animal identification.

The trip was an adventure of a lifetime, and we were so thankful to share our time and services with the local teams.