2014 - A New Milestone

The 2014 trip was as real breakthrough for Sueños!
1. Acceptance! Returning to the towns of El Arado and Yalu for the third consecutive year, we truly began to feel acceptance by the local communities. We were invited to enter the town and eat lunch at the community center! It was truly an honor to gain this trust and acceptance.

2. Challenge! On our fourth day, the team arrived at a new town for a day of surgery and we were greeted with a huge crowd of people waiting with their pets for treatment! Dr Kristie and Dr Daniela did a record number of surgeries in one day, completing 44 in just 12 hours. We were so lucky to have an army of volunteers or we couldn’t have survived!

3. Adventure! The fifth and sixth days of surgery we travelled to the coast of Guatemala to provide veterinary services to the coastal town of Monterrico! We were joined by a local Guatemalan veterinarian, who really helped with our productivity and reach into the community. The local hotel association gave immense support to allow us to stay and enjoy the community.
The success of this year was overwhelming! We performed over 115 spays and neuters, 9 dental with 44 tooth extractions, and 10 sick animals treated! It has led us to expand our ambitions for 2015. We aim to bring down a larger team and provide more surgeries than ever before!