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Sueños International is a non-profit organization that makes veterinary expedition trips to Guatemala, Central America. We work to alleviate pet diseases and over-population. The volunteer veterinarians and veterinary students provide medical and surgical care for both domestic pets and livestock. We provide our services to people and communities who are unable to afford and access veterinary care. Sueños veterinarians fight small animal overpopulation as they spay and neuter dogs and cats, they also provide vaccinations to support a healthier animal population.​ Livestock are important food and work support to rural communities. 
Working with local veterinarians, veterinary schools, zoos, and animal shelters, our team is able to make connections with community leaders and provide veterinary services to rural towns. Veterinarians, students and volunteers from the US work alongside Guatemalan veterinarians and students sharing and learning medical and surgical techniques.


Passion in Action